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Greg P

Greg P 

Our talented and diversified musicians and vocalists will work closely with you to plan the perfect accompaniment to your affair. Virtually any style or ethnicity of music is available to keep the party rolling. Irish wedding bands? Polish Polka? Rock & Roll Anyone? No problem Horizon Entertainment and Attractions has you covered. Serving all of NJ and metro NYC.

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Greg P 

Greg P


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PROFESSIONAL entertainer with an excellent voice and well - honed guitar and people skills you will find him. Amongst the tri - state area's most well - liked and prolific entertainers, Gregg specializes in popular songs from the late 60's, 70's and early 80's ( think: "classic rock" / "folk rock" ) with the occasional "standards" and / or more "current" selections thrown - in. LONG SETS and fewer and shorter "breaks" are his "stock - in - trade" - when bothering to take a break at all. Equally at home at YOUR private house party, restaurant or intimate get - together as he is on a concert stage, Gregg captures his audiences with stunning vocal interpretations of popular singer/songwriters such as Harry Chapin, Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, John Denver, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, Elton John, Paul Simon as well as established, well - loved bands like The Eagles, The Beatles, America, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and a whole LOT more."I can perform YOUR event to be anything from a simple "me and my guitar" - type serenade / sing - a - long ( i.e. - no amplification at all - suitable for smaller groups, surprise serenades, etc.) to suitably amplified "background music" ( or "musical glue" as I like to call it ) or as the "main event" where the music is more of the focal point of your affair. I move effortlessly from one mode to the other depending on the crowd - every event has a constantly changing dynamic. With literally decades of experience performing thousands of events I have a VERY well - developed sense of both "WHAT to play" and "WHEN and how" to play it - ALWAYS at a volume appropriate to YOUR event, venue and most importantly your guests. Requests are my "stock - in - trade" whether in advance or "live - on the fly", and I often learn material specifically for someone's "special occasion" - just ask. ( NOTE: Learning and arranging songs properly for performance does take time, and although I do sometimes literally learn a song "overnight" for someone it is appreciated when as much time as possible is given to allow for this - a good reason to BOOK ME EARLY and to get the specifics and the details on the table right away ). When I perform for YOU I can GUARANTEE you "Maximum Musical Bang - for - the - Buck" - I ALWAYS run out of time WAY before I run out of music -And I COME TO PLAY!! I work hard with each person that hires me to be the ONE thing you DON'T have to worry about for your event