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 Carnival Rides

Tempest Ride

Tempest Ride 

These are just a few of our Carnival rides available for rent in the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/CT). We pride ourselves on our wide variety of party ride rentals and are constantly updating and expanding our inventory so check back often. Colors and models may vary. Please call 973-694-2500 for more information on how to book a Carnival ride for your next party or live event.

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Tempest Ride 

Tempest Ride


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  The Tempest features a long main arm, with two short arms attached to it at center points (one at each end of the long arm).  When the ride operatres, the long arm and both short arms turn in the same direction.  At the ends of the short arms are 4 large seats that can hold up to 7 persons.  These seats use gravity and momemtum to spin as the ride operates in it's circular pattern.  All while tilting at around 30 degrees creates a totally unique experience.