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Horizon Entertainment & Attractions® has the #1 position in the comedy connection. All the best comedians in the New York and New Jersey region available for booking at your next party or live event. We have been in business for over 40 years and as a variety entertainment booking agent, we do not disappoint.

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“When people hear I'm Russian, they always assume I'm either in the Mafia or good at math. Unfortunately, I'm just a hooker.”   So begins another boisterous set by breakout comedian Vicky Moscow native, New York City rat-packer and a regular fixture on the national stand-up comedy circuit.   A graduate of Emerson College, Vicky first stepped up to the microphone at the legendary Caroline’s Comedy Club in Manhattan. Since then, she has been blazing a comic trail in small clubs and large theatres across the country, delighting crowds with her edgy and irreverent commentary about her Russian roots (“How did I get from Russia to America? A bald man found me on the Internet”), the rigors of dating (“I read a study that said men lose 3 million sperm every time they climax; I did my own study and found out they lose something else: interest”), her healthy appetite for food and drink (“I'm preparing for a ‘Before’ picture”), the self-discovery of world travel (“I went to Europe to find myself…and found out I’m a bitch”)—and, of course, the ongoing headache of coping with family (“I don't want children based on a traumatic experience I had once: childhood.”).   Alternately described as “fierce,” “fearless” and “ferociously funny,” Vicky has opened for, among others, Gilbert Gottfried and Tommy Davidson; and has performed at countless festivals nationwide, including the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in New York; the Trial By Laughter Festival in Indiana; the She-Devil Festival in Long Island City; The Women In Comedy Festival in Boston; and the renowned Boston Comedy Festival (where, in 2012, she was a finalist—one of only four women to have reached that round in the festival’s 13-year history).   When she is not performing live, Vicky is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, where her columns skewer the absurdities of everything from weddings to work to politics. In 2009, she and fellow comedian Kendra Cunningham founded Malarkey Pictures, for which they write, direct and star in short films that appear across the Internet, notably on Funny or Die. Their film LonelyGirl48 was named Best Comedic Short at the Boston Comedy Festival in 2010, and Best Short Film at the 2011 Palm Beach Women's Festival. More of their films have been screened at the St. Louis


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