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Magicians are a wonderful way to enhance your event, and amaze your guests. One of the favorites when it comes to corporate events, anniversary, wedding, town promotions, store promotions, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, kids party entertainers. Call us to book one of our professional magicians for your next party. We serve the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area.

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April 15, 2000, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York – the President of the Parent Assembly #1 proclaimed Devlin as its “Magician of the Year.”   Back in time, in 1958, Sicilian born Giuseppe and his Brazilian wife Pierina, migrated toBrazil, as it was then one of the countries offering big city excitement and the future promise of consistent work.  Giuseppe was a floor polisher and sander and set up his own company.  Their daughter Angela was only four in 1962, when her brother was born in Sao Paulo.  He was named for his father Giuseppe.  Fortunately for us, the family came to theUnited States lured by streets paved in gold.    When Giuseppe, at the age of five and in first grade at St. Brigid’s Catholic school, was asked by Sister Catherine Marie what he wanted to do when he grew up, he replied that he wanted to “be a clown.”  The class laughed at the idea, so he recanted, “No, a policeman.” Interestingly enough, the little boy performed at the same school as Jojo Marbles, a few years later.  (The name Marbles came about because since English was his second language, he spoke as if he had a mouth full of marbles.)  His interest in the performing arts was unabated.  At the tender age of seven a ventriloquist fascinated him.  Since his parents felt that purchased the twenty-dollar Charley McCarthy doll he wanted was a bit costly for a young boy, Pierina did the best thing and bought him a “Voodini” magic kit.  (It cost only three dollars).  He still owns every one of the cherished props.    The family stayed in Brooklyn, and he saw Doug Henning on Broadway.  He watched his TV favorites, “Mark Wilson’s Magic Circus,” Bill Bixby as “The Magician” and Marshall Brodein’s “TV Magic” commercials.  At the age of ten he discovered magic shops.  Here’s how he remembers the experience.   “My first visit to a magic shop was in 1972.  My best friend Peter and I chipped in money from our allowances and his mom organized a train trip for us to Rockville Center on Long Island to ‘Esposito’s Magic.’  Our ten dollars bought us a vanishing shot glass, a plastic pull-vanisher, a hot rod and a shrinking die.  It was a great day for us and we unwrapped and practiced our magic all day.  After a stickball game, I was showing my friend Danny the hot rod and he asked, ‘Did you see the magic store around the corner?’  I didn’t believe my ears.  ‘How far?’ I asked.  He told me it was on the same block just around the corner. It was ten pm and I made him walk with me to see this place.  Colored posters were reflected through the security fence by the street lights:  Kellar, Houdini, Thurston, as well as a small counter covered with little boxes of secrets.  I had to get an after school job there.  The owner was a man named Tony Cannalis, a retired airport security guard, with a not-so-secret passion for magic.  I made lifelong friends in that dusty store.  It was there that I met Joe Monti.  John Bentz, Joe and I spent every Saturday at the store, which closed a year later.  Tony gave me a gift of Dunninger’s Encyclopedia of Magic, and I was off to a career as a magician.”