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 Sports Fun

Urban Hoops

Urban Hoops 

Have a sports themed party or event coming up? Baseball, Football, Soccer, Foosball, Golf, Basketball and so much more. We have you covered with one of the largest selections of sports game rentals in NY & NJ. We are constantly updating and expanding our inventory so please call if you want to see if we have something specific. Colors and models may vary.

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Urban Hoops 

Urban Hoops


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 a 4 player version of our popular Double Shots Basketball Game - gone high tech -  Our software for the score board has two modes. Tournament Mode & Carnival Mode.Tournament Mode:4 players face off to see who advances in the final four tournament. Each player has their name entered into the computer interface and their names show up on the LED scoreboard.  Each game is a quick 60 seconds.  see At the end of game,  the buzzer goes off and a winner is declared on the scoreboard.  If a player is in the top 10 scores of the night,  they go on the top ten list that displays between games and on a separate monitor alongside the game fence.Carnival Mode:Attendant checks 4 players into the computer interface so their basket is activated. After a 5 second countdown, the buzzer sounds off. Each time a player scores, an animated player will keep score on the LED screen.  At the end of each round, the player with the highest score/scored the number of baskets first, will be determined the winner.   The amount of baskets to win is adjustable in the interface but generally the first to score 10 to 15 baskets. 9'l xw'x 7'h 2o amp electric